Sports flooring is a highly specialised sector and, having had many years experience in supplying sports floors, at Havwoods we remain totally convinced of the benefits of playing on an area elastic solid wood surface. But equally we are aware of the stability, environmental and cost-efficiency arguments being made for engineered wood sports flooring. We are now delighted to be able to offer a cost-effective new system which utilises solid wood, is exceptionally stable and even offers the option of excellent planks from a fast-growing sustainable plantation timber.

Havsport floors utilise 22mm thick, 2-strip solid hardwood planks in a choice of beech from Germany (available pre-finished or unfinished for squash courts), white oak from France (both of which are PEFC certified) and hevea. The latter is an under-utilised plantation timber which is as stable as teak yet reaches maturity in just 20 years.

All are kiln dried, a method which is more suitable for flooring where frequent or heavy washing is required; the backsides are lacquered, the edges treated and the ends sealed for optimal moisture resistance: these production features prevent the moisture ingress particularly associated with older solid wooden sports floors. Furthermore, the stave ends are finger jointed and both these and the centre joints are glued, resulting in a plank which is up to 20% stronger and stiffer than one assembled with loose tongue and groove joints between the staves.

Finally, the planks are sealed with six coats of an acrylic based UV lacquer system, the top layers incorporating an anti-scratch formula which provides three times the wear-resistance of other solid wood sports flooring. This factory finish lacquer does not require further lacquering on site: it is designed to allow water-based line marking paint to adhere to it and does not require a sealer coat after marking, resulting in considerable cost-savings over the years.

Of course, the performance of a sports floor is dependent upon the interaction between the floor surface and its resilient sub-construction. Havsport floors offer a choice of four sub-structure systems, customised to suit various sub-floor conditions and construction heights, all of which are fully compliant with BS EN14904:2006. The unique Mutli Clip system, a revolutionary design which makes a highly significant difference to fitting time, is suitable for studios up to 500m². The MultiFlex Advanced system is ideal for dance, fitness and multi-purpose floors up to 1000m², and the two Sport Pro systems both meet FIBA requirements. To discuss the best system for your purpose please contact us.

NB: Both oak and hevea floors may be fitted over underfloor heating.