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Louis de Poortere

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"Only those who love color are admitted to
its beauty and immanent presence. It affords
utility to all, but unveils its deeper
mysteries only to its devotees"

So spoke artist and colour theorist Johannes
Itten in his 1961 book The Art of Colour.
Itten was fascinated by colour's application
and appreciation across art and design,
and his reflection proves instructive for
understanding The Monochromes Collection,
a textile research project from Stockholm-
based art and design studio Folkform.
The winners of the Designer of the
Year Award at the 2023 Scandinavian Design
Awards, Folkform creates objects that are
both inspired by and challenge traditional
manufacturing techniques. In all their work,
studio founders Chandra Ahlsell and Anna
Lovisa Holmquist set out to communicate
how industrial processes work, before using
this knowledge to subvert or extend what is
possible within the field.
Within The Monochromes Collection,
colour plays a crucial role in revealing
the secrets and intricacies of industrial
weaving. Working with historic Belgian
carpet manufacturer Louis De Poortere (LDP),
Ahlsell and Holmquist became fascinated by
the company's Wilton rugs, an 18th-century
carpet style that typically features a
short pile and hard jute backside to keep
the carpet in place on a floor. While this
construction is normally purely functional,
Folkform believed that it also held aesthetic
potential - all that was rewuired was the
addition of colour.
The Monochromes Collection is a series
of Wilton rugs in which the backside has
been flipped to become the front. The jute
backing has been retained, but now moves
front and centre, where its construction is
highlighted by the addition of brilliantly
coloured wool weft threads. As the wool
weft weaves its path through the jute warp,
colour is allowed to build up or fall away
as dependant on the density of the weave -
different shades of the same colour emerge
through the treatment of a single thread.
The collection has been created in
13 colours and 8 sizes, with Ahlsell and
Holmquist designing a series of patchwork
forms to minimise material waste. But across
these textiles, the same idea is at play.
The coloured wool not only brings beauty to
the rugs, but also explains and illuminates
three centuries of weaving construction.
For those who follow the passage of colour
through The Monochromes Collection, deeper
mysteries about the creation of textiles
become apparent.

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